Importance of Geriatric Care

The senior population is often the most susceptible to developing serious health issues because as the body ages, its ability to react to and fight off infection, illness, or disease weakens. This means special care is needed to ensure seniors are receiving the proper preventative care, chronic disease management, and sick or urgent care on an on-going basis or as needed. The medical practitioners of ACT Health Solutions have [...]

What To Look For When Choosing A Primary Care Provider

The Importance Of Finding Convenient, Compassionate Care Right Where You Are. A primary care provider (PCP) can be a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant. Choosing a primary care provider who you can build a solid, trusting relationship with is one of the best things you can do for your own health. When selecting a primary care provider here are a few things you should consider: Are [...]

To Qualify For At-Home Senior Health Care

While living independently as a senior is an optimal goal, it heavily relies on the health of the individual—and health can change drastically in moments. A fall or sudden illness can heavily impact the ability of an individual to participate in activities as they once did and, in some instances, can leave them homebound—unable, highly difficult, or damaging to one's health to leave the home. Qualifying for their health [...]

Three Tips For Homebound Patients Transitioning Home From The Hospital

When hospitalized, most people look forward to the moment they are discharged and allowed to go home. Going through the discharge process can become foggy in your excitement, causing you to forget important information about your transitional care from the hospital to home and from home to recovery. Some key information to listen for or pay close attention to include the following: Medications Prescribed. This is extremely important for [...]