Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-10-11T05:38:12+00:00
What should I know about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?2020-03-23T18:38:52+00:00

You can find information about COVID-19 at the following websites:

United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

World Health Organization (WHO):

What services does ACT Health Solutions provide?2019-09-06T22:26:43+00:00

ACT Health Solutions provides health care services in the homes of patients who have been qualified as homebound due to limited mobility, illness, or means of transportation.

Who will I be seen by?2019-09-06T22:12:53+00:00

Our health care services are delivered by experienced, skilled, and trained medical practitioners. Our staff consists of both physicians and nurse practitioners(NPs).

A nurse practitioner may also be referred to as an advanced practiced registered nurse (APRN). They are medical practitioners who receive formal education, training, certification, and licensing in order to provide health care services to patients.

Medical services NP/APRNs are licensed to provide include assessing, diagnosing, and treating acute and chronic illnesses as well as prescribing medication, and ordering and interpreting lab diagnostic tests. They may, when necessary, issue a referral to receive care from a specialist. A nurse practitioner may also assist in the coordination of care with other providers or specialists.

Will I see the same medical practitioner at each visit?2019-09-11T15:20:08+00:00

Every effort will be made to schedule you with the same provider for each visit.

What types of patients do you see?2019-09-23T18:37:57+00:00

We provide health care services to Medicare beneficiaries, and other qualifying patients, who have difficulty leaving home safely and meet the necessary requirements set by Medicare.

Do I qualify as homebound? Do I qualify for home health care?2019-09-23T18:39:18+00:00

If any of the following apply, you may be eligible to receive medical care at home:

  • Difficulty walking, and leaving the home safely
  • Shortness of breath caused by exertion
  • Cognitive or behavioral impairment
  • Leaving home requires a recovery period
  • Having 2 or more chronic illness

To see if you qualify for our at-home primary care medical services, please call (813) 324-1604.

Do you accept Medicare?2019-09-10T21:37:40+00:00

Yes, we are a certified Medicare provider.

Will my insurance cover home health care?2019-09-11T15:26:03+00:00

Patients who meet the qualifications for home health care services can have the cost of services covered by Medicare. Medicare covers home health care as it would a doctor’s office visit—80% (of the allowed amount) and the remaining 20% is either billed to the patient’s secondary insurance or is the patient’s responsibility. Private insurances have their own separate qualifications and coverage limits vary depending on the policy elected.

Do you accept self-pay patients?2019-09-06T22:16:27+00:00

Yes, in addition to accepting Medicare and select private insurances, we also accept self-paying patients.

How quickly can I be seen?2019-05-28T06:51:16+00:00

Typically, we are able to schedule an initial visit for new patients within 3 days of completing the new patient registration.

How often are home health care visits?2019-09-11T15:31:34+00:00

This can vary based on each patient need and insurance restrictions. Your medical practitioner will determine a health management plan and discuss frequency of visits with you.

What if I need an Urgent Care visit?2019-08-23T14:15:08+00:00

Scheduling efforts can vary on the nature of the medical need; however, our routine care management and follow-up care often minimize the need for urgent care visits.

What areas do you travel to?2019-08-23T14:16:58+00:00

We are currently able to provide at-home health care services to homebound patients living throughout Hillsborough County and select outlying counties.

Are you licensed?2019-09-11T15:27:27+00:00

Yes, all of our medical professionals are fully licensed for their role. We are also ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) and Medicare certified.

How long have you been providing health care?2019-09-23T18:41:05+00:00

We have been providing compassionate health care to patients for over 30 years.

Can you prescribe medications?2019-09-06T22:22:43+00:00

Yes, we are able to write new and continue current prescriptions.

Can you pick up prescriptions?2019-05-28T06:43:34+00:00

Due to the high volume of patients we serve, we are unable to run errands or pick up prescriptions for patients.

Can you run lab work or tests?2019-09-11T15:36:07+00:00

We do provide and coordinate select diagnostic testing services.

Can I keep my primary care provider?2019-08-23T14:07:01+00:00

In most cases, ACT Health Solutions will become a patient’s Primary Care Provider. We will coordinate care with specialists and other facilities as needed to properly manage your medical care.