Homebound patients often require multiple types of treatment, diagnostic tools, or specialists to provide appropriate medical assessment and treatment.

We help to meet these needs.

Some of the specific care coordination activities we provide include:
  • Provide comprehensive history and physical examination.

  • Establishing accountability and agreeing on responsibility for care.

  • Communicating and sharing knowledge with your care team.

  • Helping patients understand their prescriptions and adhere to the medication regimen.

  • Assisting with transitions of care and providing education and support for patient self-management.

  • Monitoring health and conducting follow-up care when changes occur to patients’ health.

  • Connecting patients with additional care resources through referrals and health recommendations.

  • Help patients make informed decisions regarding long term health care planning.

The goal and purpose of coordination of care is to ensure patients receive the necessary integrated health care required for appropriate health management.